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Viking Pools has selected Ken Lauro, President of Florida Concepts Pools, Inc. as one of their Premier Dealers to take part in the national website premier of "Ask The Experts", an informative response to the most frequently asked questions when considering a pool, design, builder and more!

Ken's questions and answers to some of these most common questions are listed below.

Ken Lauro, President
Florida Concepts Pools, Inc.

My pool building experience dates back to the 1960's when I built and sold gunite pools for Gunite Pools of Westchester, based out of Westchester County, New York. Florida Concepts Inc., was incorporated in 1981. Our first "Viking Fiberglass Pool" (Santa Barbara) was installed in 1994 in Mahopac, NY and we still show it as a testimony to the integrity of the Viking Fiberglass superiority in the industry. We are award winning builders and Exclusive Dealers for Viking Pools servicing Westchester, Putnam, Dutchase, Orange & Rockland counties in New York & southern Connecticut.

1 How do I choose a pool builder?

Choose a pool builder that knows the product, has extensive building experience and can physically show you a finished project. To the best of our knowledge we are the oldest exclusive Viking Dealer in the North East. Our first Viking Fiberglass Pool was installed 15 years ago in Mahopac, New York and we still show that pool today. A testimony to the Viking quality and Florida Concepts Pools, Inc. workmanship. Our web site, "floridaconceptspools.com" has that pool (the Santa Barbara) in our gallery. You can also view on our site back yard transformations and pool installs in impossible conditions. All of the above will help you make an intelligent decision in choosing the right pool builder.
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2 How do I choose a pool that will fit my needs?

To find a pool that will fit your needs, you should first check your property survey and mark your set backs on it to determine your allowed pool area. If you are not sure , a good builder will do this for you. Now look for a pool location with the sun exposure you most desire. If you are a serious lap swimmer you may prefer a nice traditional rectangular pool. If your interest is in aesthetics and multiple seating areas you may prefer one of our many free form pools. Refer to our web site "floridaconceptspool.com" click on gallery and get many great ideas.
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3 What can I expect the installation process to involve?

The installation process varies depending on the topography and soil conditions of the property. Normally it is a minimal disturbance and all work is completed in 3 to 4 days. We template the shape of the pool excavate within a foot of the outside of the template. Wwe then trench for the pool lines and electric line. We bring in approx. 40 cu. yds. of sand for a nice base under the pool and back fill on the sides and covering the pool lines. We install a 8" preventive drain under the pool which acts as a hydrostatic relief in case of excessive ground water. We set the pool in place with a crane, check that the pool is level using a laser transit and begin filling the pool with water trucks while simultaneously backfilling around the pool to counter balance the pressure. We finally grade to within 1 ft. of the top of the pool, leaving room for item#4, concrete, pavers, etc; We also install a concrete equipment pad. This process can be viewed by going to our web site "floridaconceptspools.com" and click on to installations and back yard transformation.
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4 What pool options will enhance my pool and backyard?

There are a multitude of pool options to enhance your pool and your back yard. Depending on your project budget some options are deck jets, shooting arches of water from the deck into the pool, spas, cascading water into the pool, dramatic fiber optic lighting in the pool and around the perimeter of the pool transforming multi color changes to the water and around the pool area. We can build you fire pits, fire places, water falls, full outdoor kitchens for ultimate pool side living. See our web site "floridaconceptspools.com" click onto our gallery of award winning pools and back yard transformation, to view many of these options.
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